Animal House Interview (Carlo Venuti & Claudio “The Reaper” Livera)

interview by Marco Donè – Truemetal

After talking to you about “Living in Black and White”, the record debut of the Isonzo Animal House, we reached for you the band from Gorizia and we chatted with Carlo Venuti and Claudio “The Reaper” Livera. Here is the report of what the two guitarists told us.

Enjoy the reading!


  • Hi guys, I’m Marco from, it’s a real pleasure to have you as guests on our pages. How are you?

(Claudio & Carlo) Hi Marco, we are very excited and happy to be here with you and the readers of, to be able to present our work!

  • Animal House started out as a cover band. Until the outbreak of the pandemic you toured the length and breadth of Italy and Europe, playing in various motorcycle rallies. Then, all of a sudden, you had to suspend all your activities, both live and in the rehearsal room. Just at that moment the desire to write new music was born, yours. Would you like to explain to us how this passage was born?

(Carlo) We have always had the idea of ​​writing our own songs and then making a record, but for various reasons we have not tried to do it. In recent months the situation has been created for us to be able to work on it in depth. In this way we were able to dedicate ourselves to the composition and arrangements of the songs. However, it should be specified that we had already written one of our pieces previously and it is ‘Bintars’. This song was commissioned to us as an anthem by the motorcycle group of the same name, and it was the spark that started the making of the album.

  • What sensations and what differences have you felt and found in working on your own pieces, compared to playing covers?

(Claudio) Both Carlo and I come from bands that play purely their own songs, where we are also composers [Sacred Order of the Knights of Parsifal, Crystal Skull, ed], so the transition was not difficult, indeed, it gave more stimuli to our creative vein and expression, leading us to write songs different from the style we usually propose.

  • In your debut, entitled “Living in Black and White”, you made use of some notable guests. How were these collaborations born?

(Claudio) With Michele Guaitoli [Overtures, Temperance, Visions of Atlantis, Kaledon, n.d.r.] there has always been a great friendship and esteem relationship, it is no coincidence that we have relied on him for the recordings and production of the disc. In addition, Michele is also the co-author of the lyrics and the songs, so his participation in ‘The Ghost of the lonley Man’ was more than natural. Furthermore, both for Paolo Crimi [Beerbong, Ship of Theseus, ed] and Roberto De Micheli [Rhapsody of Fire, Sinestesia, ed], who played respectively in ‘Bintars’ and ‘Eyes Of Revenge’, the same highly esteemed speech is valid and friendship. Indeed I take the ball to thank them again for their availability and professionalism.

  • Reading the lyrics of “Living in Black and White” I could see that you deal with issues related to human feelings, in particular inner suffering. Are these reflections that derive from the period we are living in? Would you like to deepen the themes dealt with in your texts?

(Claudio) Marco you have fully centered the theme and soul of the lyrics of our record, in fact they deal with very introspective and situational themes. Inner realities that we have all experienced or could experience in the course of life. The topics described in the songs do not derive from the sad period we are going through, although they can still be connected to the present moment.

  • Raise me a curiosity about your name: is it a tribute to UDO [his first solo album is entitled “Animal House”, editor’s note] or is there some other meaning?

(Carlo) Actually, as much as we love the disc of the granite Teutonic singer, the moniker of the group derives from the legendary film “Animal House” with the good John Belusci. At the time it seemed to us a name of great shot and representative of the spirit of the group.

  • The Animal Houses are originally from the province of Gorizia. Am I wrong, or in that area – and throughout the Isonzo – is there a good underground ferment, with many interesting bands? How is the relationship between the various bands? Is there union or rivalry?

(Claudio) In Metal and not there are a lot of very good bands, with many groups of high compositional talent and broad perspectives. Unfortunately, there is a great lack of venues and facilities for live performances in our area and this greatly penalizes the groups in being able to make themselves known. Regarding the relationship between bands, I think the situation is the same as the rest of the world, a relationship of love or hate [laughs, editor’s note].

  • You have been in business for many years, would you like to tell us a memory that has most impressed you in the history of Animal House?

(Carlo) There are plenty of anecdotes to tell [laughs, editor’s note]! A particular memory goes to our first live in Slovenia, at the end of which we found a boy sleeping in the back seat in our van. The beauty is that none of us knew who he was! But then we went to party with him [laughs, editor’s note]!

  • And as for the “Living in Black and White” recordings, do you have any funny anecdotes to tell us?

(Carlo & Claudio) In recording we always have a lot of fun, especially after the many hours of listening to the parts. At that point, absolutely interesting obsessive and compulsive disorders come to life [laughs, editor’s note] …

  • And now? What are your future projects?

(Claudio) We certainly aim to make ourselves known as a band and to make the record run as much as possible on the various social platforms, radio, magazines and web pages of the sector. Afterwards, as soon as we can resume live activity, our priority will be to return to the stage to present the record and have fun with distorted guitars and beers, in order to make up for lost time!

(Carlo) Meanwhile we are already working on new songs that we will propose in the next album.

  • Guys, we’ve come to an end. Thank you for the time you have dedicated to us, it has been a real pleasure. Hoping to see us on the road soon, I leave you the last words to greet our readers.

(Carlo) It was a great pleasure for me to be able to answer these questions. Thanks a lot to you Marco and to the entire editorial staff of As soon as this bad time has passed, we will go back to the concerts again and have a great party together.
Hello friends! See you soon!

(Claudio) I really want to thank you, Marco, and the editorial staff of for the space you have given us !! Hoping to be able to meet again soon, all together, under and above the stages, having fun with some healthy Heavy Metal! I also want to thank all your readers for their attention and invite them to listen to our new work!
Stay Heavy …
Stay Metal !!!

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