animalhouses fly around the world

with "Need to be me" on radios all over the world

With “need to be me” on radios all over the world, Animalhouses quickly became known everywhere.
From Italy (radio Lombardia, radio rai 1 FVG, Rock’n ‘Roll radio ….) passing through Spain, France, Germany, Holland, England, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Japan, Canada, USA, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil …
If you want to find out more about Animalhouse, follow the page dedicated to the media and fly with us around the world.
You will also find the first reviews of the Living in Black and White album which will be officially released tomorrow 26 March on all digital and physical platforms and which you can have a physical preview too by pre-booking a copy here!
But not only Web radio, Web Zine and Music Magazine also write and review the album and single.
Join the animals to prepare us all together for the first live after the pandemic!
Stay Rock!

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