The time has come to reveal the new musical journey that Animal House has decided to take: it is with great pleasure that we announce the start of the recording sessions for the first Animal House disc. You got it right, this is the first album where there will be only unreleased tracks after more than ten years spent on stages all over Europe playing covers.

We have also decided to take this new path. Inside, there will be seven songs in addition to “Bintars”, the piece released in 2019, the first unpublished song written for friends Bintars Motorgroup.

The production of the disc will be entrusted to Michele Guaitoli (Visions of Atlantis, Temperance, Era), former producer of the piece “Bintars”. The release is scheduled for April / May 2021 (barring unforeseen events). But the news did not end here because there are other crackling news that for the moment, however, we cannot reveal yet …
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@Nicola Furlan for TRUEMETAL