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Metal Zone (Greece)

Appearances are deceptive. So, somehow, I pressed it too. Seeing the name of the band I thought they were inspired by the U.D.O. The consequence of this thought was that I was led to the arbitrary conclusion that I was dealing with a band influenced by German metal sound. Well, I could not fall further. That’s why I remind myself and I almost always try to keep it that before writing a presentation it is good to do some research on the band. So after my research, I found out that the band’s name is inspired by a movie. Specifically, this film is the comedy released in 1978 entitled “National Lampoon’s Animal House”. In Greece it is known as “A Crazy … Crazy Beast Farm”. I think it is considered a classic, although I have not seen it. Time to do it. But we are not here to talk about movies, but about music. The album “Living in Black and White” is the new work of the Italian band. As he does not state, his goal is to create music full of energy and passion. Something they manage to do very well in their current release. Musically, then, the sound of the band is classic heavy metal that sounds very modern and fresh…. READ MORE

Book of Metal (Italy)

“Living in black and white” is AnimalHouse’s recording debut for Punishment18 Records.
Friulian band active for over 10 years, with over 700 performances in Italy and abroad and with numerous experiences as a support group for top-level bands. It was born as a cover band of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Metallica, Motorhead …
The pieces are performed by the six elements in the figures of Antonio Boscari (vocals), Carlo Venuti, Claudio Livera, Thomas Titze, (guitars), Andrea Attollino (bass) and Massimo “Ginger” Bravo (drums).
Without any doubt their experience emerges, their apprenticeship, among the most disparate stages, where the desire to play, to have fun and to get involved prevails. Very precise, gritty, they play a powerful Metal with melodic veins, Epic, with clear German Style references typical of the 90s. The rhythm is full, in the solos there is taste and harmony combined with speed (solos that understand ) and the precise and powerful bass-drums line even if a little retro but not excessively, full of those low frequencies, the serious ones, the healthy ones, that I would have preferred to hear more present…. READ MORE

Made in Metal (Spain)

The Italian band Animal House has taken the definitive leap by publishing their debut through Punishment 18 Records. A first work that under the title ‘Living In Black And White’ is shown to the heavy and power metal society offering their best soundtracks through eight songs. Of which there are three that have three great collaborations by established musicians such as: Michele Guaitoli (voice of Temperance – Visions Of Atlantis), Roberto De Micheli (guitar of Rhapsody Of Fire) and Paolo Crimi (drums of Extrema – Beer Bong ).

The sound machinery of Animal House is quite well known within the Italian circuit as it was the protagonist in the beginning of a cult cover band formation from the province of Gorizia. What’s more, their popularity has increased by participating in numerous biker festivals which have led them to compose their own songs and put aside the helpful versions of their idols. His musical proposal moves between power metal and the more classic heavy metal that during the almost forty minutes that his first album lasts, it will appeal to less demanding followers of both styles since his songs do not spill much virtuosity. They simply offer punch and pure metal energy… READ MORE


The history of the Isonzo Animal House is curious: born as a cover band, over the years they have made themselves known by touring the length and breadth of Europe, playing in various motorcycle rallies. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that we are still facing, the Gorizia combo has had to suspend all its activities, both on the live front and in the rehearsal room. For a team born to be on the road, this forced break is as if it had taken away the air, no longer allowing it to breathe, to live. How to use the time then? Well, Animal House have decided to start writing their own music, churning out the debut album “Living in Black and White” which we are about to curate in these lines.

I have to be honest: I’m always skeptical when I find myself in my hands an album of unreleased songs from a group that, for years, has made itself known as a cover-tribute band. However, the first lines of this “Living in Black and White” were enough to make me immediately change my opinion on Animal House. The album is pleasant, well played and structured over the course of its almost forty minutes of duration. The Isonzo sextet, in fact, demonstrates that he knows the subject and knows his stuff on how to compose good music. And no wonder, one might say. Yes, because in the ranks of Animal House we find some prominent names of the North-East underground scene, such as guitarists Carlo Venuti and Claudio “The Reaper” Livera. Of course, “Living in Black and White” is a classic heavy metal album, a genre where everything has been said and more. We certainly cannot expect originality to be the strong point of the record. Ours, however, manage to infuse a marked personality to their compositions, which are based on the interesting guitar plots of the Venuti-Livera-Titze trio. The work of the three axes, then, is well supported by a precise and pressing rhythm section… READ MORE

Allaround Metal (Italy)

I have to make public amends: I had started prejudiced against this record; already the name of the band did not impress me (Animal House seemed to me “little metal” and not very credible), then I thought (very wrong, fortunately!) that from an ex-cover band there was not much to expect, well knowing that not everyone can be like Trick or Treat or Skeletoon. Then, I saw that in the line-up there is a respectable guitarist like Thomas Titze of Overtures, I also discovered that the great Michele Guaitoli was a guest in one piece (and he never misses a beat!) And that even Roberto De Micheli of Rhapsody of Fire and ex-Extrema Paolo Crimi would have participated in the album, so I got intrigued and I began to think that my first impression might be inaccurate. Then when I started the opener “Need to be me” I realized that I had made a big mistake and that these Animal House are a very respectable band! A very elegant and technical power metal connotes this “Living in black and white”, consisting of 8 tracks for a total duration of just under 37 minutes, with an intriguing artwork, far from the classic clichés of this musical genre. I have rarely listened to a debut album of this quality; each track has a quality level much higher than the average and it is a pleasure to listen and listen to everything again, so much so that every time, at the end of the disc, the desire to repeat the “play” button is very strong, as rarely happens when doing reviews…READ MORE

Metal Zone (Greece)

Punishment 18 Records puts us in contact with another Italian band and in fact their debut. They are Animal House, who started as a cover band in 2011, have done about 700 lives in their career and have shared the “advice” with bands like Blaze Bayley, Pino Scotto, Extrema, Elvenking, Absolva, Vicious Rumors.

The band name refers to the great UDOs, but musically their heavy metal has no influence from the German scene. Animal House in “Living in Black and White” combines discreet heavy metal with power metal and creates 8 extraordinary pieces that will win multiple plays. A big plus of the album is its modern production which is reminiscent in some places of the work done by Roy Z. Although it is Animal House’s first album, “Living in Black and White” brings out enough maturity, is not possessed by disease. infantile of the beginnings and it seems that the Italians have managed to get their own sound, since in some cases you will hear something that reminds another band.

“Living in Black and White” is not the album that will shock you, but it will surely satisfy your thirst for a good heavy metal album. The metal space is enriched by another talented band and we expect even more from Animal House in the future… READ MORE


First of all, I have known this band for years, having seen them play with pride and dedication in various motorcycle rallies across the continent. The energy and involvement of the public, which they managed to unleash and obtain, have always characterized their shows. Finally – perhaps stimulated by the first tremendous lockdown – the time has come for them for an album of unreleased tracks, on which Punishment 18 Records focuses strongly. ‘Living In Black and White’ plays 100% Heavy Metal (in capital letters!) And shares not only the great music on offer, but also the fatigue, enthusiasm and dust of the thousands of kilometers traveled by Animal House in their career. . ‘Need To Be Me’ opens the record to the full and fully embodies the concepts just expressed through an almost sad intro, as if to explain the hard way of work that leads, when persecuted body and soul, to one’s personal fulfillment, crossroads or not of the success, after all, matters little; however the song soon turns into a perfect concert piece, incisive, engaging, bad just right. The next song, on the other hand, seems to belong to a group on the third unreleased album – certainly not the first! – given the inherent mastery of songwriting and the band’s exceptional mastery of their instruments, including vocals, here with the excellent support of the special guest Michele Guaitoli (Vision Of Atlantis). The tracks, always excellently mastered by the beautiful voice of Antonio Boscari, follow one another in a non-stop crescendo, between references to English Vanadiums and the American scene in ‘The Only Way to Live’, or between German power and classic British steel as in the case of my favorite song, ‘The Man From Nowhere’, also thanks to the choice of the band to give maximum priority to the sound of the guitars. Among the other proposals present, all decidedly up to the aforementioned, to report again ‘Eyes Of Revenge’, both because the boys definitely open the throttle, and for the excellent solo of the other special guest Roberto De Micheli (Rhapsody Of Fire)…. READ MORE

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